Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video Project Reflection

The video project that we recently completed in class was an effective method for teaching us how to use Windows Movie Maker Live and other tools involved in the creation of videos. We did many things well through the process of creating the video, but we also had some things that we could improve upon the for the next time.

For the most part, things worked out well in our video. The story-boarding and filming both went relatively well. We were able to write the lines for the video and film it in a relatively efficient manner. The editing of the video also went very well. The shots that we took with the camera all fit together nicely. We used screen transition effects to aid the smooth transition between shots. The editing and posting process also went along with no hitches or issues.

The thing that could have been improved for our video was just the organization. While most aspects of the filming and production went very well, we were sometimes operating without a very well-structured plan. This could have been a source of issues in our project. Luckily, we did not encounter any such issues this time around.    

The next time I do a project like this, I will focus more on the planning and organization of the video. I will make sure that I have a more explicit and well written-out plan. I will also try to locate my filming locations before I began filming, as we had to change our location several times. This will help ensure the smooth production of the video.

This project has helped me develop skills in both the filming and the production of videos. I now feel more comfortable using a video camera and it's functions. I also am more aware of how to find optimal lighting to make the video quality turn out nicely. This project made me aware of the features that Windows Movie Maker Live has to offer as well and I now feel comfortable making videos on it.

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