Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video in the Classroom Scenario

This goal of this project is to make a video that describes one of the regions that we have discussed this year. This video should focus both on the physical and cultural features of the assigned region. Videos should be 10-15 minutes long.

Content Area: Social Studies (Geography)

Grade Level: 11

Before the project begins, the teacher will likely have to spend a class or at least part of one reviewing some of the basics on how to use a video camera and video editing software. Students will also need to be broken into groups and groups will need to have a world region assigned to them.

Some of the challenges that will be faced in this project include technology issues and group work issues. Technology can always be unpredictable and certain students may not be proficient in using the technology. This could cause difficulties for or even ruin the projects of some groups. Another issue is group work. Group work can cause problems because certain students may end up doing the majority of the work while others do little. Since some of this work will likely have to be completed outside of the classroom, meeting times for groups may also be an issue. To combat these issues, I will take time to go over the basics of technology in hopes of avoiding technological issues. Also, I will assign certain tasks to each student in the group so that all students will be held accountable for certain amounts of work. Finally, I will urge students to talk to me if they are having trouble meeting outside of class so that we may work out a solution.


  1. Camera/video editing technology reviewed 
  2. Groups assigned
  3. Regions assigned to groups.
  4. Group research period (3 days)
  5. Group filming period (3 days)
  6. Group editing period (3 days)
  7. Class presentations (1 day)

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