Sunday, February 26, 2012

Software for the Teacher

We recently spent time working with the software programs Microsoft Word, Inspiration, and Microsoft Publisher. Our goal in working with these programs was to use them in ways that could be applied to the classroom. Through the use of Microsoft Word I created a quiz, a flyer, and a newsletter that could be used in a school setting. I also used inspiration to create graphic organizer that could be used as a teaching tool. The effective use of these programs can help a teacher create effective school-related tools in an efficient manner.

Being an aspiring teacher, learning how to use Microsoft Word, Inspiration, and Microsoft Publisher was a valuable experience. By gaining a deeper understanding of these three programs, I will be able to expand the types of documents and tools that I have at my disposal in my classroom. Having a comfort level with these programs will also save me time in my first first few years of teaching, when I will be creating many of my classroom tools.

Of the programs used, I believe that Microsoft Word will be the most helpful. While Inspiration and Publisher have a nice list of features, Word has the greatest level of versatility and applicability to the classroom. It can be used to create all kinds of different documents. The list of features in the program allows for the documents to be as plain or as decorative as the person making the document wants. Word is excellent for creating everything from short memos to multi-page newsletters. It for the creation of many different documents through one program, instead of having learn a variety of different programs.

I can already think of many ways that these programs will help me as a teacher. These include:

  • Well-organized tests created on Word will make be easy to take and to grade
  • Homework assignments and class handouts can also be quickly and easily created using words
  • Graphic organizers created on Inspiration will serve as effective visual teaching tools
  • Graphic organizers from Inspiration with words blanked out can be used as assessment tools
  • Group work/note taking tools that can be distributed to students can be created using Inspiration
  • Publisher can be used to create newsletters that can be distributed to the class to keep students up to dates on assignments, tests, and other important class functions

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